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Countdown – 7 Months

I realised this week that in 7months we will be in London at the beginning of our next overseas adventure.  In the 2 months since my last post we have organised a couple more things.

We booked our accommodation for the night in Cardiff.  As usual, we aimed to find somewhere that was fairly central.  We opted for a large chain hotel which is within walking distance of the train station were we will arrive from Swansea.  It is close to the city walking tour, the stadium as well as the departure point of the cruises to waterfront.  It will be a brief look around but we are looking forward to visiting Cardiff as it will actually be the only place on the trip which we have not been to previously.  The other places on our itinerary are London, Swansea and Cambridge.

The other thing we did was buy a lightweight down jacket for each of us from Uniqlo.  They squash up and can be rolled into quite a small carry bag,

2017-04-05 01

While it is not high-end fashion, I hope the jacket will not scream ‘tourist’ as I step outside the door.  I chose a mid-grey as it will co-ordinate with the other clothes I will be packing.  I will do a separate post at a later date about what I will be packing but it is mostly black, grey and red and of course, denim jeans.

2017-04-05 02


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If everything goes according to plan, this time next year we will be tucked up in bed on our first night in London.

Our tentative plan is 6 weeks in UK and Ireland with possibly a few days in Spain at the end of the trip.

As you can imagine, we are still in the early stages of planning.  12 months does seem a long time but we have lots of other things going on in our lives so we want to make sure that we are prepared and can catch the best deals on fights, accommodation and trains.  I already know that the cheapest fares on the trains are about 9 – 12 weeks in advance.

As we discovered with our USA trip last year, half of the fun is in the research and planning.  If you have any hints, tips or ‘must do’ activities please share them.

Now it is back to reality – I need to hang the washing out on the line.

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