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Next Stop – Niagara Falls

Today we took a full day tour from Toronto to Niagara Falls.  I am struggling to remember the last time we did a group tour but I am really glad that we chose this option to visit Niagara Falls. Judy was an entertaining and informative guide who made sure that everyone had the best experience possible.  There were a couple of stops along the way, including almost an hour at the picture perfect historic town of Niagara-on-the Lake.

2016-08-23 04

2016-08-23 05

There were flowers everywhere.

2016-08-23 06

Then it was on to Niagara Falls.

The buffet lunch at the Sheraton Hotel gave us our first real view.  This photo is taken from the table where we we sitting for lunch.  The falls in the foreground are described as the ‘American’ falls while the ‘Canadian’ falls which are regarded as the more spectacular ones are in the distance and partially obscured from this angle.

2016-08-23 07

Although the falls are a natural phenomenon there is plenty of man-made tackiness around them.  Some of the streets look like sideshow alley.

2016-08-23 08

However, the attraction of the falls drew us here and it did not disappoint.  We boarded the boat for a short cruise up to the base of the thundering waterfalls (‘Canadian’).  Even complimentary disposable ponchos did not keep us completely dry.  Being so close was an amazing experience but photographs were difficult to capture.

2016-08-23 09

Finally, the bus took us to where we could walk along the promenade which overlooks the falls on the Canadian side.  This was the highlight for me and I was able to take many photos from different angles.  Here are a couple of views.

2016-08-23 10

2016-08-23 11

2016-08-23 12

Amazing scenery and we are so glad to have had the opportunity to witness the power of the water first-hand.





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The Countdown Continues

It is now only 8.5 weeks until we depart on our next big adventure.

This is from my previous post – 4 weeks ago.


Buy tablet (waiting until 60 days prior to be eligible for GST refund)
Decide on phone SIM
Intercity train travel in Canada – probably not until we are in the country

To be precise, it is only 58 days until we leave so we are now able to buy and be eligible for GST refund so on the weekend we are planning to check out the tablet we want to buy.

GMan ordered the free phone SIM card which is available with our travel insurance.  The SIM card arrived in the mail today.

2016-05-18 01

We have booked our intercity travel in Canada because when I checked the available times it was obvious that some had already sold out.  We will be catching a train between Quebec and Montreal and again from Ottawa to Toronto, however, we opted for a bus from Montreal to Ottawa as there are more departure time options on the bus.

The final piece in the puzzle is a day trip from Toronto to Niagara Falls.  I had wondered about whether it would be feasible to do it independently using public transport and although it would be possible, I do not think we would gain the best experience.  I am looking at tours which seem to be quite highly rated and include a couple of other attractions as well as the falls in a full-day trip.  We have yet to book a tour but will probably do that in the next few weeks.

2016-05-18 02

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