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Checking Out Chicago

We came to Chicago with very little in the way of plans or pre-conceived ideas.  In fact, the only ‘must do’ that we had was to eat a meal at ‘Antique Taco’ in Wicker Park.  This made Fodor’s list of top 10 taco meals in the US.  A big call, but one that we were keen to test out.  That had to wait until our final day and more about that in the next post.

Now, to catch up on yesterday.  I did not write this last night as the jet lag meant I had barely slept the night before.

During our first day in Chicago we noticed some posters for an exhibition titled, “America After the Fall: Painting in the 1930s” at the Art Institute.  This sounded interesting so we added it to the itinerary for yesterday.

But first, we headed through Millenium Park to  the pathway which runs right beside Lake Michigan and walked south for a couple of kilometres.

This interesting artwork is a feature of the park.

2016-07-19 01

As we headed towards the lake this building caught our eye.  It looks like Federation Square (Melbourne).

2016-07-19 02

We returned via South Michigan Avenue and saw this impressive ‘advertisement’ for  the Terracotta Warriors which are currently at the Field Museum.

A bit further on was this interesting installation.

After lunch we visited the Art Institute.  The historic exterior of the building gives no indication of the modern, light-filled galleries in which are displayed an impressive array of all types of artworks.  As well as the exhibition “America After the Fall: Painting in the 1930s”, we also saw a large collection of Impressionist works and some contemporary pieces.

2016-07-19 05

2016-07-19 06

2016-07-19 07

Here is a sample of a few of the Impressionist works.

2016-07-19 08

2016-07-19 09

2016-07-19 10

And something completely different.

2016-07-19 11

After leaving the gallery, we crossed South Michigan Avenue and noticed this sign.  Perhaps one day we will come back and take this drive all the way to Los Angeles.

2016-07-19 12

Finally, we headed a little further north along the lake to North Avenue Beach.  The weather was around 30C so there were plenty of people there but not too many in the water.  It was not hard to figure out why when we went in for a paddle – the water was cold!

I took this last photo as we were walking back along the waterfront with our ice-creams.  I think it captures Chicago perfectly.  A mid-west city by the water.

2016-07-19 13

PS  There has been a delay in posting this as the free Wi-fi on Amtrak was a bit dodgy last evening when I wrote the post.


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