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Singapore Sorted…………Next?

It is now 4 months until our Singapore trip and that is all sorted so I have moved on to our next project – Canada in 2016.  In my last post I referred to it as USA and Canada, so although we may spend a few nights in the USA it is predominately about visiting the Maritime Provinces of Canada – Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick.

We have had a few thoughts about how to do it but this is our latest idea.

Fly Brisbane/Los Angeles/Chicago

3 nights in Chicago

Fly Chicago/Boston

3 nights in Boston

Train to Portland, ME then ferry to Yarmouth, NS and pick up car.

2015-05-03 023 weeks touring South Shore, Halifax, Cape Breton Island, Prince Edward Island, Bay of Fundy and north to Quebec City and drop off car.

5 nights in Quebec City

2015-05-03 017 – 10 days travelling by train and possible stays in Montreal,Ottawa and Toronto.  Visit Niagara Falls and return to Chicago to fly home.

This is still very much in the planning stages but I need to come up with a rough itinerary so that we can decide on the best destination as we want to make sure that we can book return flights (in this case, Chicago) as it is much more cost-effective than one-way international flights.

At the moment we are thinking of leaving in the second week of August and returning towards the end of September.  We have spent a couple of nights in Boston on our previous trip to the USA in 2012 and are keen to see more of it.  On the same trip we stopped briefly in Portland, ME but other than that we will be covering entirely new territory.

I would love to hear your suggestions and experiences if you have been anywhere that I have mentioned.  Is there anything I have not covered that is on your ‘must see’ list?

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A Safe Return & Some Reviews

It is a now a few days since we arrived home.  On Wednesday we drove from Dungog to Byron Bay.  A relatively long but straightforward drive (or so we thought) once we go onto the Pacific Highway near Taree.  As some of you are aware, the Pacific Highway is the coastal arterial road between Brisbane and Sydney and it carries a huge volume of traffic.  There are regular serious and fatal crashes and we discovered that our luck was out and the highway (4 lanes) was closed in both directions between Grafton and Ballina.  We ended up taking some detours and spending up to 90 minutes in Grafton where we were stationary more than we were moving.  We finally made it to Byron Bay by about 7.30pm.  The next day we left reasonably early and drove home by lunchtime before the worst of the Easter traffic hit the roads.


Finally, I wanted to let you know that I have added a couple of pages to this blog.  They are ‘Accommodation Reviews’ and ‘Eating Venues – Reviews’.  This is where I will add some reviews/recommendations of places we have stayed and/or eaten when travelling.  Of course, these are only personal opinions so you will need to make your own judgements if you consider trying any of them.

Thank you for coming along for the ride on our holiday.  Now, I am heading  back to  Hope to see your there.

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A Walk on the Wild Side

The lack of posts from the past few days is due to us being in a more isolated location with next to no internet access.


On Tuesday we took a drive from Dungog to the south-east edge of Barrington National Park.  This is a World Heritage listed wilderness area so by its very nature it is pretty well inaccessible.


We did, however, do a short (3.5km) circuit from the Williams River picnic area.

River gorge

We saw several lyrebirds but I was not able to get any photos of them so here is a selection of the scenery.


The cabin where we stayed was almost at the end of the road to Chichester Dam.  Here is a view from the verandah.


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The True Reason

Although you definitely do not need a reason to travel, I wanted to let you know that we have not been simply meandering aimlessly through NSW and Victoria for the past 13 days.

The purpose of this trip was to be in Canberra on Saturday 23rd March 2013 for a wedding.

The happy couple

We were privileged to be able to share this happy occasion.

The 4 days we spent in Canberra allowed us to catch up with family as well.

Today we drove north and are staying at a bushland cabin near Chichester Dam on the fringe of Barrington Tops National Park.

As we were driving on the Putty Road we saw a lyrebird crossing the road.  These are very shy birds and it is rare to see them when bushwalking let alone on the road.  There are also small wallabies near the cabin and we are hoping to see plenty of interesting flora and fauna tomorrow.

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End Of the Line

I have been a bit busy for the last few days so there will be 2 posts in quick succession.  You will see why when I do the next post.

On Thursday we drove from Lakes Entrance to Canberra.  This was almost all new territory for us again and I was quite excited to be going through Bombala.  It does not have any particular claim to fame apart from the fact that there is a song by Pat Drummond, “End of the Line” which includes the following lines:

Well the train rolled to a halt just out of Bredbo,
where the old Chakola bridge is undermined.
There’s no way to make the railhead in Bombala,
as we used to in my grandfather’s time.

Railway Park - Bombala

Naturally, I wanted to see the end of the line and I was not disappointed.

End of the line

Although it is no longer in use, we were interested to see the station buildings.

Bombala station

This was probably storage for incoming and outgoing freight.

Bombala station building

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Man-made and Natural

We are staying at Lakes Entrance so today we took a drive which encompassed a variety of scenery.

Trestle bridge at Nowa Nowa

This is a disused trestle bridge at Nowa Nowa.  It is deteriorating and I do not know when it was built but it is an amazing piece of engineering from days gone by.

Ninety Mile Beach at Lake Tyers

This is the eastern end of Ninety Mile Beach near Lake Tyers.

Here are a couple more images from our travels yesterday when we drove from Wilson’s Promontory to Lakes Entrance.

Jetty at Port Welshpool

This jetty at Port Welshpool is another construction from earlier times.  Unfortunately, it is not possible to walk along it.

View on Wilson's Promontory

This view was taken at Wilson’s Promontory looking across Glennie Bay to Mt Oberon in the distance.

The photo below was our first glimpse of Ninety Mile Beach.  We were at Woodside Beach which is at the western end.

Woodside Beach

The dune vegetation was pretty.

Dune vegetation

Unlike the first part of the trip, the last couple of days has been uncharted waters for us.  We had never travelled east of Melbourne so this has all been new to us.

We will continue to traverse roads we have never driven tomorrow when we head further east to Cann River before heading north to Canberra, the national capital.

More about that tomorrow.

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At The Coast

We made it away from the grazing and agricultural land west of the Great Diving Range to some of the most southerly coastline on the Australian mainland.

Naturally, I found a lighthouse.

Cape Liptrap lighthouse

This is at Cape Liptrap yesterday.  We then drove on and stayed at Yanakie on Wilson’s Promontory.  Those of you who are familiar with Australian geography will know that the tip of Wilson’s Promontory is the southernmost point of the Australian mainland.

Here is a distant view of it, looking across from Cape Liptrap.

Wilson's Prom from Cape Liptrap

There will be more coastal scenery (and perhaps lighthouses, Marg) in the next few days as we travel east along the Gippsland coast.

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Day 1 & What We Forgot

Although we left home yesterday, we spent last night visiting my mother in Brisbane so today was the first real day of our travels.

On the road
The vehicle in the photo is not ours.  We are driving a medium sedan and not towing a caravan.  We drove from Brisbane to Tamworth today and broke the trip up with a stop to see friends in Warwick for morning tea and then a late lunch near Glen Innes.  There were patches of blue sky but also lots of grey cloud and some showers of rain.  The country through the southern Darling Downs and New England tablelands is looking beautiful with new growth everywhere from the recent rains.

New England scenery

Australia does not have high mountains by world standards but the area known as the New England tablelands is a large area of an elevation higher than 1000m.  It is now officially autumn (fall) here and we caught a glimpse of some early changes in foliage.  This is at the roundabout near Armidale.

Autumn foliage near Armidale

We stopped at the lookout on the Moonbi Range for a great view of the valley and plains looking south-west towards Tamworth, our destination for the first night.

View from Moonbi Range lookout

Finally, what did we forget to pack?

Drink bottles
Sweet potatoes

I cannot believe that I completely overlooked the hats and drink bottles.  The Duke and I both thought the other one had packed the coffee which is stored in the fridge.  I had several sweet potatoes which I intended to put in the box of groceries as we will be self-catering for a large part of the trip.  The Duke has bought another pack of coffee, the sweet potatoes will be used when we get home and we will probably buy at least one drink bottle.  I am reserving judgement on the need for hats until I see what the weather is like on any given day.

We will be away for a little over 2 weeks and we expect to encounter weather ranging from cool to hot and have catered for occasions which include bushwalking, a wedding and everything in between.  Because we are driving we do not have strict weight or size limits.  I do not think I will find anything else that we have not packed.

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A New Adventure

Today marks the beginning of a new holiday adventure.  This time we are exploring more of our own country.


Come along for the ride as we take a road trip through 3 states and the Australian Capital Territory.

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