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More of Everything

Yesterday was our last full day on Prince Edward Island so we rounded it off with a little more of our favourite things – museums, Anne, lighthouses and music.

During my planning and research for this trip I had gleaned some insight into the story of the Acadian settlers in the Maritime provinces but had limited knowledge of their place in the history of Canada and the impact of the ongoing conflict between the English and French forces in North America during the 18th and 19th centuries.  The Acadian Museum at Miscouche is not far from where we are staying so a visit was an  excellent opportunity to understand  more about the origin of the French connections and the contribution of the Acadians to life in Prince Edward Island.  In addition to the permanent exhibition there was a very interesting temporary display on Acadian music.

After lunch we headed further afield with three things planned.

The first of these was to visit the birthplace of Lucy Maud Montgomery, author of Anne of Green Gables.  This was where she lived first the first 21 months of her life until she lived with her maternal grandparents following the death of her mother.  Naturally, the focus was on the author rather than the fictional character of Anne.  She certainly had her challenges during her life and although the story is far from autobiographical, you can certainly see aspects of her life which influenced the characteristics which she attributed to Anne.

Although Prince Edward Island is relatively small, we decided that it was simply not possible to see the whole island in the 4 days we spent here.  We did not make it to the eastern part of the island but spent most of our time in the central and north-western portions of the island.

However, we did manage to travel a little east of Charlottetown to the lighthouse at Point Prim and I am so glad we did.  This classic lighthouse is the oldest on Prince Edward Island.  Unlike several others we attempted to visit, it is easily located, highly visible and eminently suitable for photographs.  The constantly eroding shoreline has meant that some of these structures have been moved several times, are amongst fishing shacks or surrounded by private farmland.

2016-08-06 06

Our final fling was a concert by the ‘Fiddlers’ Sons’ at the Benevolent Irish Society in Charlottetown.  This is a local group who play traditional Irish music and local songs inspired by it and included some of the most awesome fiddle playing you are ever likely to hear.

2016-08-06 07

And so ends our short visit to this amazing place.  Time to move on.

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All About Anne

This trip is 6 weeks of discovery in cities and rural areas, encompassing history, art, cuisine, natural wilderness, lighthouses, craft beer, music, geology and much more.  But if I am totally honest, it is about Anne of Green Gables.

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would ever make it to Prince Edward Island – it is just so far away.  However, when I realised that you might just be possible, I decided to create a trip which would include not only Anne of Green Gables but many other things of interest to us in the maritime provinces of Canada.

The last 2 days have been simply amazing and I still have to pinch myself to believe that it is true.

2016-08-04 01

Yesterday we attended a matinee performance of ‘Anne of Green Gables – The Musical’ at the ‘Confederation Centre of the Arts’ in Charlottetown.  This is the 52nd summer season of the production which has continued to evolve.  I had booked our tickets (seats in the 5th row from the front) about 6 months ago but was a little unsure as to how I would feel about the adaptation from the novel.  All my fears dissipated as soon as it started and we both enjoyed the show immensely.

2016-08-04 02

Today we set out to visit the area of Cavendish where the ‘Anne of Green Gables’ story is set.  There are 3 sites in the area which showcase various features and landmarks which would be very familiar to readers of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s “Anne” novels.  First we visited the Anne of Green Gables Museum which was owned by her Campbell relatives.

2016-08-04 04

The property remains in the family and the house is open and is furnished as it was during the time L M Montgomery visited here.  She was married in the parlour of this home.  The most significant feature is the lake near the front of the property which was the inspiration for the ‘Lake of Shining Waters’, even though it is several miles from the site of ‘Green Gables’.

Next was the site of her home where she lived with her maternal grandparents after the death of her mother from tuberculosis before Lucy was 2 years old.  Although the house is no longer standing the property is beautifully cared for by descendants of the family who still live on the property.

There are detailed signs which show the well, cellar of the house and well-marked walking trails which lead you through well-loved places such as the ‘Haunted Wood’ and ‘Lover’s Lane’.

At the end of the walking trail is the entrance to what many would regard as the absolute highlight, ‘Green Gables’.

2016-08-04 12

We even met Anne.

2016-08-04 13

At each location there were plenty of souvenirs and I opted to buy just one.  It is a boxed set of 5 DVDs.  I am looking forward to watching it and hopefully my granddaughters will come to enjoy it as they grow up, too.

2016-08-04 14

I hope you have enjoyed sharing my ‘Anne’ adventure.


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Island Hopping

Yesterday we left Cape Breton Island and made our way back to mainland Nova Scotia before crossing briefly into New Brunswick and across the 13 km Confederation Bridge to Prince Edward Island, the smallest province in Canada.  It is a complete contrast from the rugged highlands of Cape Breton to the gently undulating country and pastoral vistas of Prince Edward Island.

We are staying in one place for 5 nights which is bliss, especially when it is as pretty as this.

2016-08-02 09

The view from the back deck of Malpeque Bay.  We have an identical view from the upstairs bedroom.  Last night I lay in bed with the scent of the ocean blowing in the window.

2016-08-02 10

Today we toured much of the North Cape coastal drive and saw lighthouses.  From left to right they are North Cape, West Point and Cape Egmont.  The West Point lighthouse was open to the public and contained some interesting history and we were able to climb right to the top.

Wind farms – the one on the left is the research facility at North Cape  while the other is closer to West Point and this is just a few of the towers in that group.

And the parsonage where Lucy Maud Montgomery, author of the Anne of Green Gables novels, boarded during her first teaching appointment.  We did not go into the museum but it is very pretty.

2016-08-02 08

The 2 things that I wanted to see and do here were to see some of the lighthouses and the sights relating to Anne of Green Gables.  Most of the Anne attractions are in a different part of the island so I will see those another day.


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Booking Begins

It is now 6 months until we leave on our trip to the USA and Canada so the planning and booking has begun in earnest.

We leave Australia on 16th July and arrive back at the end of August.  This means that we will be travelling in the height of summer in the Northern Hemisphere.  This also means high season rates and limited availability, particularly in summer destinations such as Cape Breton Island and Prince Edward Island.

2016-01-17 01

We now have our accommodation booked for Chicago, Boston and Halifax as well as Cape Breton Island and Prince Edward Island.  We have booked at 3 different locations on Cape Breton as we tour the Cabot Trail but have opted for a 5 night stay in one place on Prince Edward Island.  It is in a secluded rural location with beach frontage but within a 30 minute drive of both Cavendish (lots of Anne attractions) and Charlottetown (capital).

The other thing I have booked is tickets to ‘Anne of Green Gables – A Musical’.  It sounds like fun.

As always, the planning is a lot of fun and I have plenty more to do yet.


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Singapore Sorted…………Next?

It is now 4 months until our Singapore trip and that is all sorted so I have moved on to our next project – Canada in 2016.  In my last post I referred to it as USA and Canada, so although we may spend a few nights in the USA it is predominately about visiting the Maritime Provinces of Canada – Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick.

We have had a few thoughts about how to do it but this is our latest idea.

Fly Brisbane/Los Angeles/Chicago

3 nights in Chicago

Fly Chicago/Boston

3 nights in Boston

Train to Portland, ME then ferry to Yarmouth, NS and pick up car.

2015-05-03 023 weeks touring South Shore, Halifax, Cape Breton Island, Prince Edward Island, Bay of Fundy and north to Quebec City and drop off car.

5 nights in Quebec City

2015-05-03 017 – 10 days travelling by train and possible stays in Montreal,Ottawa and Toronto.  Visit Niagara Falls and return to Chicago to fly home.

This is still very much in the planning stages but I need to come up with a rough itinerary so that we can decide on the best destination as we want to make sure that we can book return flights (in this case, Chicago) as it is much more cost-effective than one-way international flights.

At the moment we are thinking of leaving in the second week of August and returning towards the end of September.  We have spent a couple of nights in Boston on our previous trip to the USA in 2012 and are keen to see more of it.  On the same trip we stopped briefly in Portland, ME but other than that we will be covering entirely new territory.

I would love to hear your suggestions and experiences if you have been anywhere that I have mentioned.  Is there anything I have not covered that is on your ‘must see’ list?

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