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A Boston Legacy

If a brewery tour was a change of pace from the Bunker Hill monument, then the next day in Boston was completely different yet again.

We headed off to the JFK Presidential Library and Museum.  Apparently, there are 13 presidential libraries and this number will continue to grow with the completion of each successive administration.  The idea was conceived by Eleanor Roosevelt.

The JFK Museum is located next to the University of Massachusetts on the shores of Boston Harbour.

2016-07-22 05

This was the view from the entrance gallery through the pavilion to the water.

The first stop was a 20 minute movie which documented the life of John F Kennedy from his childhood up until his nomination as the Democratic Party candidate for the 1960  presidential race.

This is followed by multi media galleries which bring to life every moment from election night 1960 until his untimely death in 1963.

The admission cost was $14 per person and we felt that the experience was worth every cent.

Photography (no flash) is encouraged, however, I felt that photographing individual exhibits did not really do justice to the museum.  I chose some words which I would would like to share with you.

We could all do with a little hope and perhaps it is time for each and every one of us to take some responsibility.

2016-07-22 06

A reminder not to be overwhelmed by the enormity of the task.  Let us just get started…now.

2016-07-22 08

And finally, from his 1961 Inaugural Address, my personal favourite.

2016-07-22 07

I believe that this is what each and every one of us should be doing every day.

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