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Adversity to Adventure

It is a few days since my last post about our day trip to Niagara Falls.  We had one full day after that in Toronto during which we caught up on some domestic chores, explored a little of the city and most importantly, spent our last night at a Cirque du Soleil performance.  It was magnificent and certainly worth seeing.

The title of this post comes a comment from a friend, “Great way to turn adversity into an adventure” and I will explain why.

We were up bright and early the morning after Cirque du Soleil as we were heading for home starting with a flight from Toronto to Chicago followed by another to Los Angeles and finally the long-haul flight across the Pacific Ocean to Brisbane.

However, things did not go according to plan and we arrived in Los Angeles too late to connect with the 11.20pm departure of the Brisbane flight so ended up being accommodated at the Sheraton Hotel near Los Angeles airport.  We were rebooked on the same flight the following evening so would have the whole day in Los Angeles.  We had never spent time here previously and so decided to make the most of the time we had and opted for the Hop On, Hop Off bus which does a route up the coast to Venice and Santa Monica.

After going to the end of the circuit at Santa Monica pier we hopped off and walked the majority of the way back to Fisherman’s Village near Marina del Rey.  It was a warm, sunny day and here is some of what we saw.

The lighthouse at Fisherman’s Village.

2016-08-28 01

Santa Monica beach.

2016-08-28 02

Santa Monica pier which also happens to be the end of the legendary Route 66.

2016-08-28 03

Some interesting merchandise at one of the beachfront stalls in Venice Beach.

2016-08-28 04

And artwork.

2016-08-28 05

Venice is so named for the canals which were designed in the early 1900’s but many were filled in and turned into roads in the 1920’s but a few canals remain.

2016-08-28 06

There was plenty to see and we made the most of our enforced stopover.

We are now safely at home so that is almost the end of posts on this blog for the time being apart from one final summation of the the costs.  I still have some calculations to do for that so it will probably not be until next weekend.

In the meantime, I will be back blogging at Organised Castle in the next day or so – once I have caught up on some sleep.

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Up, Up and Away

Our feet have barely settled on the ground from our trip to Singapore and we have booked our airfares to Chicago for next year.

2015-10-03Most of our trip will be in Canada, specifically the maritime provinces of Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick as well as Quebec, Montreal and Toronto.  Since we have never been to Chicago, we decided to make that our arrival and departure point for this trip.

We have a rough itinerary planned but now the real fun begins.  We will download travel books to our Kindles, trawl Air BnB for the perfect accommodation, read reviews on TripAdvisor and have long discussions with others who have visited the area.  We have found that half of the fun is in the planning

In 9.5 months we will be setting out on another adventure which I am sure will be as exciting and interesting as others we have planned in the past.

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Houseitters & Looking Ahead

In preparation for our September trip, I have been looking for someone to house-sit while we are away.  I have used this site previously with excellent results so decided to do it again.

Because we are only looking for someone for 8 days it has not generated a huge amount of interest but we have had a few enquiries and I am sure we will find someone suitable.

The only other things I am doing of note for our Singapore trip is to make a couple of skirts and tops that will be suitable for the hot weather.

We are also looking ahead to 2016 as we are hoping to make another 6 week trip – this time to the USA and Canada.  The dates are still very fluid at this stage but it will be sometime between June and September 2016.  There are decisions to be made so that we at least know where we want to arrive and leave from so that we are ready to book our airfares and take advantage of the earlybird specials when they are released.

2015-04-16 01

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Singapore Sling

It is a new year and we have started planning our next adventure.  This time we are off to Singapore for a week in September.

SA 2015-01-11 01
When we were planning our UK trip, many people asked if we were having a stopover in Hong Kong or Singapore.  We have never been to either place but we did not feel that a flying visit of 24 – 48 hours would do it justice and also our time was limited to 6 weeks and we wanted to spend it seeing as much as possible of the UK and Ireland.  So we decided to leave Singapore and Hong Kong for another time.

We have already agreed that we will take a major overseas trip every 2 years and we are hoping to make it to the east coast of Canada next year (2016).  Meanwhile, we could afford (both in terms of time and money) to take a week this year and a visit to Singapore seemed the perfect solution.

The airfares are booked – $1,538.00 return for the two of us and I am currently looking at accommodation options.

SA 2015-01-11 02
I would love any personal recommendations or ideas regarding transport, sightseeing or general hints and tips.

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