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Where Next?

At the end of my last post I alluded to the fact that our next major holiday might be within Australia.  I was considering a houseboat trip on the Hawkesbury River but when I began researching the idea it became less appealing.

The lure of overseas travel was just too great so we have opted to go back to the UK in November.  This trip will be somewhat different from our previous trips to the northern hemisphere for several reasons.  We are going in late autumn rather than the height of summer and relying entirely on public transport instead of hiring a car during any part of the trip.  This is because the focus of the trip is quite different – we are not taking a touring holiday and sightseeing along the way but are planning on staying in just a handful of major centres with the majority (3 weeks) of our time in London.

This also means much less time will be spent researching, planning and booking the trip.  In fact, we could pretty well leave tomorrow as we have current passports and have booked our flights, accommodation except for one night in Cardiff and have a list of things we hope to see and do in London.  Hopefully, the queues will not be as long at the Sherlock Holmes Museum.

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Perhaps we will be able to take the tour of the Royal Albert Hall, too.  It was closed for cleaning last time so I only managed a photo of the exterior.

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I have also given brief consideration to what we might need to pack.  As always we have chosen accommodation which includes laundry facilities which allows us to keep the clothes we take to a minimum.  Due to cooler weather, we will need some warmer clothes but I still expect to be able to just have one small suitcase each.  I am looking at buying a lightweight down jacket for each of us.  I think these would be a useful addition and take up minimal space.


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Jedburgh is a neat little town and like many others at this time of year is looking very pretty with lots of brightly coloured flowers.


The Abbey is a magnificent ruin which is definitely worth a look so we visited it before we departed from Jedburgh.  The audio tour was really worthwhile.


This was the view from the gallery above the west door.

From Jedburgh we headed south to the border with England.

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It was then on to visit Housesteads Fort built by the Romans.

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It is adjacent to Hadrian’s Wall which you can see in this photo.

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After leaving the fort we drove about 60km on the A686 which crosses the Penines and offers some spectacular views along the way.  It has been rated as one of the best drives in Britain.

Looking east before reaching the highest point.

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This is the view from Hartside Pass looking west over Cumbria.

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The drive ends at Penrith where we turned south towards Kendal, on the eastern edge of the Lake District, where we will be spending the next 2 nights.

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