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Baddeck by Bras D’Or

We spent one night in Baddeck so it was really not much more than a staging post on our way to the Cape Breton Highlands National Park.

Before we set off we took a look around this pretty lakeside town.  The fog provided an amazing backdrop to the lighthouse.

2016-07-29 05

Our next stop was the Alexander Graham Bell Museum.  Most people know that he invented the telephone but we were unaware of the many other inventions in which he was involved.  Although Mr Bell was born in Edinburgh, Scotland and lived in Boston and Washington in the USA, it was Baddeck where he and his wife made their home and truly lived their lives.

Here are replicas of a couple of his other projects – the Silver Dart aircraft and HD4 hydrofoil.  The hydrofoil was the fastest vessel on water at the time.

Alexander Graham Bell was involved in teaching deaf people to speak.  His wife Mabel was deaf.  He was also a co-founder of National Geographic.

In so many ways, he was a man well ahead of his time.  Check that quote from him on this 2009 poster.  “Our coal and oil are going to run out one of these days and we’ll be without it and we’ve got to develop methods or substitutes for these fuels.”  1922

2016-07-29 08

I think the world needs a few more visionaries like Alexander Graham Bell.

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