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Too Soon?

We plan to head to Europe in the second half of 2019 – probably August and September.  Our tentative thoughts are to spend 4 weeks in Scotland followed by 4 weeks in Spain and possibly a few days in south Wales in between.

2018-09-08 01

It is a little under 11 months until our likely departure date so I have begun researching airfares which has been a bit of a challenge since we want to arrive in Edinburgh and depart from Barcelona.  I have found that we can do this with Emirates with departure and arrival times that suit us as well as it being a single stopover (in Dubai) in both directions.  Now it is just a matter of waiting for a few more months for the prices (hopefully) come down for the dates we are looking to travel.

In the meantime, I have started looking into the land component of the trip.  There are all sorts of little things that you can research beforehand to make sure that the trip flows as smoothly as possible.

For instance,I have found that there is an Airlink shuttle bus between Edinburgh Airport and Waverley Bridge (city centre adjacent to the main railway station).  It runs every 10 minutes during the day.  Tickets are £4.50 for a single trip and can be bought in a variety of ways, including from the driver as you board.  Online is an option but only for return tickets.  I first thought that this would not be any use as we will be flying home from Barcelona but on reflection it may be feasible as we will be renting a car when we leave Edinburgh to head north and there are car rental locations at the airport and it is in the direction we will be heading.  Food for thought…………..

2018-09-08 02

There are so many things to consider that I think it is worthwhile to do a little bit of research on a regular ongoing basis to ensure that you are not stressed when the departure date looms closer.

I am not suggesting that you plan precisely what you are going to do and when but if you have a good understanding about the activities and locations that interest you, then you will be in the best position to make decisions that will maximise your opportunities and enjoyment.

We are interested in attending a performance of the Edinburgh Military Tattoo and by looking at the website I now know the dates and times of the shows as well as the fact that the tickets for the 2019 season will be released for online sales at 10am (GMT) on 3rd December 2018.

2018-09-08 03

Watch this space……………….

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Domestic Days

I haven’t lost the plot and posted on the wrong blog.  This post is about our domestic travel later in the year.

A few weeks ago we took advantage of a Jetstar sale to book our travel to Adelaide in November.  We are making it a long weekend and will be visiting my elderly mother-in-law as well as catching up with friends.

Yesterday we finalised our Christmas plans and have booked our airfares and accommodation for 6 days in Melbourne.  Our younger daughter lives in Melbourne so we have booked an apartment not far from where she lives.  We found it through Air BnB and it looks perfect for our needs.  A perfect spot.  Our elder daughter will be coming to Melbourne too, so it will be a family Christmas and holiday rolled into one.  What more could I want?

2015-05-31 01

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