A Hiccup

With apologies to Robert Burns and John Steinbeck – the best laid plans of mice and men ……………….. have definitely gone awry.

We, along with thousands of other would-be travellers have been caught up in the fallout from the collapse of Bestjet, an Australian-based online flight-booking service.

2019-01-04 01

Bestjet was placed in voluntary administration on 19th December 2018 and to say that chaos reigns would be an understatement.  There appears to be very little accurate information in the media.

2019-01-04 02

Meanwhile , we have done three things.

  1.  Rebooked the same flights directly with Emirates.
  2.  Lodged a disputed payment claim with our credit card provider.
  3.  Joined a Facebook group which has been set up to try to gather data from affected Bestjet customers as well as hopefully getting some answers about the whole sorry situation.

The Facebook group is a ‘closed’ group and the only people who may join are those who have made a booking through Bestjet.  If you have reason to believe that you may have been impacted, the link is https://www.facebook.com/groups/210822659858608/

This has been an unwelcome start to the year and disruption to our travel planning.  We are likely to have lost money but we have to keep looking forward and I am sure we will learn from the rather expensive experience.

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One thought on “A Hiccup

  1. We too have been impacted but luckily our bank has declared it as fraud as BJ confirmed and issued tickets after they were aware of the situation. Bank refunded us and will claim against BJ. Tickets rebooked through Singapore Airlines @ extra $130 each, got off very lightly I think. I must admit the ‘third party’ ticket issuer proviso in apparently every travel insurance policy, slipped through my usually eagle like eye.

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