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7 Days – Ready to Go

In exactly one week we will be enroute to Brisbane in preparation for our flight at the beginning of our UK adventure.

As far as I am aware we have done everything we need to apart from the final packing.  Most of what we are taking is sitting in the suitcases or on the bed in the spare room.

I do need to finish the minor alterations I am making to 2 pairs of trousers which GMan will be taking.

The house is relatively clean and tidy for when the housesitters are here.  I have carefully planned our meals and shopping so that there will be very little left in the freezer or refrigerator.

2017-10-26 01

There is still plenty going on in the next week but I am not overwhelmed and stressed.  I have 4 more days of work, we are going to the movies on 2 evenings as well as spending Sunday with the family to celebrate my mother’s birthday which falls while we are away.

There are still meals to prepare and a couple of loads of washing which will need to be done.

It is a far cry from the times when I was would be madly trying to squeeze a million things into the last few hours before we set off on holidays and I have to say that I much prefer this feeling.


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A Packing List

I have given quite a bit of thought to what clothes I might pack for the trip and today I actually sat down and made a list.

When I searched for a suitable image and found this, it reminded me that I have the packing game pretty well sorted.  Most of these tips really are no-brainers as far as I am concerned.

2017-10-07 01

Anyway, here is my list.


2 x jeans
2 x trousers
1 x leggings


2 x l/sleeve shirts
1 x l/sleeve tshirt
1 x rugby top
1 x cardigan
2 x cowl neck jumpers


1 x trenchcoat
1 x down jacket
2 x scarves
1 x hat
1 x beanie
1 x pair mittens


4 x bras
4 x knickers
4 x socks
3 x thermal tops
2 x thermal bottoms
1 x winter pyjamas


1 x knee high boots
1 x lace up shoes
1 x soft indoor shoes

By the time I take out what I will be wearing plus a couple of spare things in my hand luggage, the remainder (apart from shoes) fits easily into one half my small suitcase.

The other half of the case will be taken up with shoes, a small selection of toiletries, medications and electronics as well as a few things that many people would not consider packing.  These include tulle produce bags, fabric shopping bags, stainless steel drink bottle, portable clothesline (no pegs required) and a fold-up duffle bag in case I go shopping and have extra things to bring home.

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