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Busy with Bookings

With less than 7 weeks until we leave we have everything pretty well organised.

However, one thing that was not booked was our carparking at the airport in Brisbane.  We live 80km (50 miles) from Brisbane and have limited options of people who could take us to and from the airport.  It is just easier to drive ourselves and park the car securely.  Whilst this comes at a cost we factor it into our holiday expenses.  There are several options either at the airport or off-site and serviced by a shuttle-bus.  Thanks to a ‘hot deal’ (their words) and a discount code we managed to get undercover valet parking located 3 minutes walk from the international terminal for less than outdoor parking at an off-site facility with shuttle-bus transfers.

2017-09-17 01

The other bookings are a bit more exciting.

We had already booked tickets to the ‘Classical Spectacular’ at Royal Albert Hall which I have written about previously.  You can read the post here.  As a result of snippets of information gleaned from various sources I found and booked 2 more shows.  The first is Liza Pulman in a show titled ‘Liza Sings Streisand’ at the historic Wilton’s Music Hall.  The other is a play titled ‘The Ferryman’ which has great reviews and is playing at the  Gielgud Theatre in the West End.

I particularly love the fact that it is highly unlikely that we would have the opportunity to see any of these shows here in Australia and of course, the venues are unique to London.

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Ready to Pack

In my last post I mentioned that we had bought another suitcase online.

It duly arrived and is exactly what we wanted.  Here is all the luggage that we will be taking to the UK for the two of us for a month in November.


2017-09-01 01.JPG

The teal case is the new one and is about 50% larger than the blue one.  These will both be checked baggage and the backpack and camera bag will be hand luggage.  The small daypack may get packed in a suitcase for the flight if space permits.

You may wonder why I seem obsessed with the luggage we are taking.  It is certainly not because of the limits on the flight as our allowance is 30kg/person.  Our 2 suitcases will probably not even be 30kg combined weight.

We choose to depend on public transport in most instances when we are travelling so a manageable amount of luggage is critical.  During our upcoming trip we will be catching the train to and from Heathrow airport as well as catching trains between London, Swansea and Cardiff in Wales and again from London to Cambridge.  Our accommodation in London involves stairs so we need to be able to easily get our luggage to our apartment.

I will never be one to travel with just one carry-on bag but it does make sense to keep things manageable.

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