The Final Numbers

I apologise for the hiatus, but as promised, here are the final figures for our 6 week trip to USA and Canada.

I will begin with the easiest figure – the grand total for 2 adults for 42 days and nights was $18,764.36 which is remarkably similar to our UK trip 2 years ago.  You can see the details for that trip here.

This is how it was broken up.

Airfares $     4,563.99
Accommodation $     6,335.44
Insurance $         559.94
Transport $     2,799.08
Food/Drink $     2,757.53
Sightseeing/Tours/Events $     1,258.61
Souvenirs/Gifts $         229.37
Other spending $         260.40

It is interesting to see where the money went.  Once again, accommodation was the biggest single expense.

Airfares includes 2 internal flights as well as our return flights from Brisbane to Chicago.  I included the cost of our visas and also car parking in Brisbane as it was all part of getting there.

Transport was trains, ferries, car hire, fuel and parking fees.

Food and drinks included everything that we ate or drank from restaurant meals, drinks at the pub, groceries to an occasional ice-cream or cup of coffee.

Sightseeing etc was made up of admission costs, guided tours, cruises and two shows.

We bought limited souvenirs with a couple of items for our granddaughters as well as some maple syrup and a boxed set of ‘Anne of Green Gables’ DVDs.

The final category of ‘Other’ was a couple of things from the chemist, a dental visit, a top and trousers for me as well as hats to replace the ones we left on the train early in the trip and phone recharge and some internet access.

As with our UK trip we pre-paid as much as we could with a total of $11,580.21 spent before we set out.

Our total budget was $20,000.00 for everything and although we kept very accurate records of what we spent we did not keep an exact running total.  It was not until today when I sat down and gathered up all of the information, converted our spending into AUD and completed the final spreadsheet that we knew exactly how much we spent.

This will be the last post on the blog until we start planning our next trip which will probably be within Australia.  In the meantime, I can be found on my other blog, Organised Castle.

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4 thoughts on “The Final Numbers

  1. Pauline Huntley

    Hi Fairy, What a fantastic trip you had. I will have to add Nova Scotia to our travel list! I think your spending amount was very good. I have left a comment for you on SS on the ‘travelling in 2016’ thread.
    I wanted to ask how you thought the Arcopeadico shoes were. Do you find you could wear them all day? Do you wear sock or stocking sox with them? Do they breathe ok? Do you wear or do you think, orthotics could be used in them?
    Hope you don’t mind me asking, have been looking for something light and comfy and in a marjane style for a while.
    Thanks for any input. Have enjoyed reading all your travel blogs, great armchair travel! 🙂
    Polly SS

    • Apologies for the delay in replying, Pauline. I bought the shoes before we went to the UK in 2014 and they only weigh 300g per pair. There are a soft innersole/arch support which is removeable and could be replaced with an orthotic if required. They are super comfortable and are the only pair of shoes that I could wear for a full day from the very first day I wore them. I generally wear them with bare feet but have worn both stockings and fairly thin socks with them and they have been perfect. I find that they breathe reasonably well, despite being a synthetic fabric. If the weather is more than about 23C I like to have a day for them to air so need to have either 2 pairs (I do) or an alternative such as sandals. They have flexible soles and decent tread so I can climb rocky hillsides quite comfortably but they are dressy enough to wear to the theatre or similar. Hope this helps.

      • Pauline Huntley

        Thank you Fairy, that does help a lot. Off in a few weeks to check them out. They sound very versatile eg wear with or without sock etc.

      • My pleasure. Happy to help.

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