Stepping Out (and Up and Down)

From a strategic military point of view, Quebec is ideally located – on a cliff top overlooking the river.  The old, walled city is clearly divided into the upper and lower town by the cliff and these are joined by various staircases.  These range in height from between 150 and 400 steps.  Of course, there is also the funicular which is essentially a cross between an elevator and a cable car.  The importance of access between the 2 sections of the city is emphasised by the fact that this has been in operation since 1879.

This information board shows the original funicular.

2016-08-16 01

The current version which we rode yesterday (up, of course).

2016-08-16 02

Walking around Quebec is certainly not for the faint-hearted as there are plenty of staircases in other parts of the city, too.

2016-08-16 03

2016-08-16 04

2016-08-16 05

Some of the streets are so steep that the footpaths are steps or have handrails attached to the front of the buildings.

I am really glad we do not have a car here as it was tricky enough negotiating the main roads to drop it off at the car rental company.  A map does not show the elevations and my first futile attempt at navigating led us to the foot of a cliff – the roads did not join up as it appeared on the map!




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One thought on “Stepping Out (and Up and Down)

  1. Valerie

    I think I would give that place a miss,. Too many steps and stairs for me!

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