Food For Thought

Regardless of whether you are at home or on holidays we all have to eat.  Eating out can be a real highlight of a trip but most of us do not have a budget that runs to dining out for every meal.  So we try to mix it up.

Shopping in unfamiliar supermarkets can be frustrating or a challenge, depending on your point of view.  I try to make it the latter.  If you add in a foreign language that just adds an extra level of complexity.

One not so glorious moment was of my own making.  I decided that I had to try ‘Poutine’ – a French-Canadian delicacy which is essentially chips (fries), cheese curds and gravy.  I chose this small serve at a pub near Petit-Champlain yesterday.

2016-08-15 01

I did eat it but as far as I am concerned poutine really has no redeeming features.  It has been consigned to the foods which I am unlikely ever to eat again, alongside my experience of a Philly cheesesteak when in Philadelphia.  You can read about that meal here.

The best thing about travelling in the northern hemisphere during late summer is the abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables.  This has been evident even in supermarkets but today we visited the the Old Port Market (Marché du Vieux-Port) and stocked up on fruit (strawberries, blueberries and raspberries) as well as some broccoli and leeks.

As well as fruits and vegetables you can buy bread, cheeses, meat, cakes and other sweets as well as a drop of local wine if you wish.  The market is not huge but it is clean, well laid out and has an excellent range of fresh, local produce.

2016-08-15 06

Since we have now divested ourselves of the rental car we will be catching the train to our next destination, Montreal, so I wanted to make sure that we are carrying as little food as possible.  I have planned our meals for the next 3 nights with a view to using the ingredients that we have.  The leeks will be teamed with the last of the potatoes from Prince Edward Island to make leek and potato soup.  Half of the broccoli has been added to some leftover roasted vegetable salad and half a can of crushed tomatoes for a vegetarian sauce with pasta.  The remaining broccoli and some carrots will be served with a potato-topped chilli con carne pie.  It is amazing what you can create when you need to.

The best meals that we have eaten out on this trip would definitely be at Antique Taco in Chicago – tacos will never be the same, Cape House restaurant at Cape Enrage for GMan’s birthday and Le Hobbit Bistro on Rue Saint-Jean on our first night here in Quebec.  All have been good in their own way.  DeeDee’s ice-cream at Peggy’s Cove was pretty amazing, too.

I am looking forward to the food options in Montreal as our accommodation is conveniently located in the block next to Jean Talon Market in the area known as Little Italy.


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One thought on “Food For Thought

  1. So refreshing to hear an honest opinion about something that _wasn’t_ as good as its billing. 🙂

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