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Yesterday was our last full day on Prince Edward Island so we rounded it off with a little more of our favourite things – museums, Anne, lighthouses and music.

During my planning and research for this trip I had gleaned some insight into the story of the Acadian settlers in the Maritime provinces but had limited knowledge of their place in the history of Canada and the impact of the ongoing conflict between the English and French forces in North America during the 18th and 19th centuries.  The Acadian Museum at Miscouche is not far from where we are staying so a visit was an  excellent opportunity to understand  more about the origin of the French connections and the contribution of the Acadians to life in Prince Edward Island.  In addition to the permanent exhibition there was a very interesting temporary display on Acadian music.

After lunch we headed further afield with three things planned.

The first of these was to visit the birthplace of Lucy Maud Montgomery, author of Anne of Green Gables.  This was where she lived first the first 21 months of her life until she lived with her maternal grandparents following the death of her mother.  Naturally, the focus was on the author rather than the fictional character of Anne.  She certainly had her challenges during her life and although the story is far from autobiographical, you can certainly see aspects of her life which influenced the characteristics which she attributed to Anne.

Although Prince Edward Island is relatively small, we decided that it was simply not possible to see the whole island in the 4 days we spent here.  We did not make it to the eastern part of the island but spent most of our time in the central and north-western portions of the island.

However, we did manage to travel a little east of Charlottetown to the lighthouse at Point Prim and I am so glad we did.  This classic lighthouse is the oldest on Prince Edward Island.  Unlike several others we attempted to visit, it is easily located, highly visible and eminently suitable for photographs.  The constantly eroding shoreline has meant that some of these structures have been moved several times, are amongst fishing shacks or surrounded by private farmland.

2016-08-06 06

Our final fling was a concert by the ‘Fiddlers’ Sons’ at the Benevolent Irish Society in Charlottetown.  This is a local group who play traditional Irish music and local songs inspired by it and included some of the most awesome fiddle playing you are ever likely to hear.

2016-08-06 07

And so ends our short visit to this amazing place.  Time to move on.

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