Hitting the Highlands

After leaving Baddeck, we spent 2 nights in Ingonish on the east coast of Cape Breton Island and are now at Cheticamp on the west coast.

In the past couple of days we have traversed the Cape Breton Highands which make up the majority of the National Park.  The scenery is spectacular.  No matter which way you turn there is another outstanding view.  From the highland plateau to the coastal fringe there is something to see.

Here is a selection of the many photos that I took.

We walked around Lake Warren.

2016-07-31 01

Saw a moose in the distance.

2016-07-31 02

A relic from the past, and yes, the water really is that clear.

2016-07-31 03

The tumbled, rocky shorelines that the glaciers left behind.

2016-07-31 04

The fishing township of Saint Margaret Village.

2016-07-31 05

Meat Cove is the most northerly settlement on Cape Breton.

2016-07-31 06

The next day we headed to St Ann waterfalls near Lake Warren.

A bit further on and we stopped to do a walk in the heart of the National Park.  We walked almost 5km to reach a point at the top of the Aspy Escarpment.  The height was more challenging than the distance as it increased from 60m at the beginning to 450m at the summit.  Although it is not immensely high  the highland plateau and deep escarpments are magnificent and quite difficult to capture in photos.

It was a pretty walk.

2016-07-31 12

Nearly at the top……..

2016-07-31 10

The view does not look anything special here until you realise that the foreground is at my feet at the distant mountains are on the other side of the fault line.

2016-07-31 09

This is what was in between.

2016-07-31 11

The drive across to the west coast was littered with one amazing view after another.

Mackenzie River Valley

2016-07-31 13
Fishing Cove

2016-07-31 14

The road clings to the rugged west coast.

2016-07-31 15

And a black bear spotted high up on the cliff.  We could admire him safely from a distance via the telescope which the Park Ranger had set up.

2016-07-31 16

After a full day we arrived at our accommodation in Cheticamp.  We are staying in a holiday cottage facing the water and these last couple of photos were taken about 100 metres from our door.

Not Galway Bay but the sunset over the Gulf of St Lawrence was not too bad.

2016-07-31 18

Waterfront cottages bathed in the evening glow.

2016-07-31 17


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2 thoughts on “Hitting the Highlands

  1. Chris

    Beautiful photos Fairy!

  2. Thank you, Chris. I think the very last one is my favourite.

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