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The First 24 Hours

After a somewhat inauspicious start we arrived in Chicago a little over 24 hours ago.

We were an hour late departing from Brisbane and I thought that was OK, since it would mean an hour less to hang around in Los Angeles airport to catch our connecting flight.  That was not to be as our Chicago-bound flight ended up being delayed by 5 hours.  Firstly, the pilot had called in sick and they could not get a replacement immediately.  This delay resulted in not only a change to the departure gate but a different terminal.  We boarded the flight only to discover that there was a mechanical anomaly which needed to be resolved.  After some time we all disembarked due to the heat and no airconditioning.  Instead of a 9.40am departure from Los Angeles we finally left at 2.30pm.

The flight was uneventful and we caught the train from O’Hare Airport to the station closest to our accommodation.  We arrived safely after a walk of about 10 minutes.  The delay meant that we arrived at our accommodation after dark rather than mid-afternoon as planned.  Nevertheless, we showered and headed out for a bite to eat.  Roots Pizza was about a 2 minute walk and well and truly still open at 10pm.  A pizza and salad to share was perfect.

All that travelling takes a toll and we slept until almost 11am today.  Mariano’s supermarket is about 5 minutes walk so our first task was to stock up on some groceries.  We had lunch (bypassed breakfast today) and then caught the train into the city.

2016-07-17 01

We walked along the Riverwalk and stumbled upon the McCormick Bridgehouse & Chicago River Museum.  This tiny museum is worth taking the time to visit.  We had an added bonus as it was free admission today.  Here is a view from one of the upper level windows.

2016-07-17 02

A bit further along the Riverwalk we found the departure point for the Chicago Architecture cruises.  This was something we were keen to experience during our visit so we booked and hopped on board the 3pm cruise.  For 90 minutes we treated to a comprehensive commentary on the history and significant architecture of Chicago.  These are a few examples of what we saw.



2016-07-17 06

2016-07-17 09

2016-07-17 03

2016-07-17 05

2016-07-17 07

2016-07-17 04

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Time to Go

Well, I never did get that next post written and now it is almost time to set off on our next adventure.

We bought a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and have used it a little at home and am confident that it will be the perfect travelling companion and suitable for blogging.  Other than that we are taking our phones (with music loaded), noise-cancelling headphones, Kindles, power board, USA/Canada power adaptor and the various cables and chargers.

I am looking forward to sharing our journey and hope you will come along for the ride.

This is our luggage that we took to the UK in 2014 and the same pieces will be going this time.

2014-08-09 01

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