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Counting Down in Weeks

It is now less than 13 weeks until we fly from Brisbane to Chicago to begin our next overseas adventure.

As a result of several overseas trips in the last few years, pretty well everything is organised.


International airfares booked
Domestic airfares booked
All accommodation booked except 1 night in Halifax (Air BnB request currently pending)
Car rental booked
Travel insurance booked
Overnight train Chicago to Boston booked
Tickets to 2 shows booked
Visa waiver requirements completed for USA and Canada


Buy tablet (waiting until 60 days prior to be eligible for GST refund)
Decide on phone SIM
Intercity train travel in Canada – probably not until we are in the country

2016-01-17 01

At the moment my main focus is on finding out as much as I can about the places we want to visit.  I recently bought another book for my Kindle.  This is not a general travel guide but a specific volume about scenic drives in the maritime provinces.  It covers several of the areas we plan to visit so I am enjoying finding more about the things we can see and do.

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