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Playing with Packing

I have been mulling over the options of clothes to pack for some time.  We will be away for 6 weeks staying in 2 states of the USA and travel through 4 others followed by 5 provinces in Canada.

The daytime temperature range is likely to be from about 18C up to around 35C with overnight temperatures dropping as low as 10C.  We live in a fairly temperate area of Australia so this just about covers the full range of what we experience over a full year.  Therefore, I need to pack what we regard as both summer and winter clothing.

I travel fairly lightly and am looking at pushing the boundaries a bit further this trip so this morning a laid out the basics that I plan to take.


There are 15 items including the hat, scarf and 2 pairs of shoes.

Here are some of the combinations for the warmer weather.

When it is cooler there are plenty of options, too.

I have not shown the footwear with each outfit but they are white sandals and lightweight red mary janes.

There is also a pair of charcoal grey travel pants which could be swapped for the jeans in any of the photos.

These items will form the core of my travel wardrobe with the addition of a few more pieces.

Most of the combinations I have shown are tried and true outfits that I have already worn and am happy with how they look.



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