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Countdown – 5 months

Well, it is now 5 months until we head off to the maritime provinces and cities in the eastern part of Canada via the USA.

Almost all of our accommodation is booked.  We are spending 2 nights in the central part of New Brunswick and have yet to finalise our plans there.  The only other night of which we are somewhat unsure is one that we had earmarked to be on board an overnight ferry from Portland, Maine to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.  We got as far as booking the ferry in October last year only to discover 2 days later that the company had lost the contract and would not be running the service in 2016!

Our fares were refund without any problem but the next issue was how to get from Maine to Nova Scotia.  Apparently the contract has been awarded to another company and everyone is ‘hopeful’ that the service will run in the summer of 2016.  Although we would prefer to catch a ferry we are not prepared to keep hoping until the last minute when the entire itinerary is dependent on that piece of travel.  We have decided on an alternative plan and that is to fly from Boston to Halifax.  This will mean an extra night in Halifax which is no problem but we will just book that closer to the time.

We have decided to allow until mid-March (4 months before we leave) to get some clarification regarding the ferry service but if we cannot get some definite details by then I think we will go ahead and book flights.  We do not want to leave that until the last minute and end up paying premium prices.  We will not be booking any car hire until we are sure where we will be arriving in Nova Scotia – Yarmouth (ferry) or Halifax (plane).

Unlike our trip to the UK in 2014, we do not really have much that we want to purchase before we go.  We have appropriate suitcases and our passports are current.  We are planning to buy a tablet to replace the netbook but will wait until less than 60 days before we travel in order to be able to claim the GST under the Tourist Refund Scheme.  The only other thing that I can can think of is a USA/Canada power adaptor.  I will buy one like the UK one which had a USB port as well.  We can then plug our 2 plug/2 USB powerboard into it which will allow us to use 2 power outlets and 3 USB ports at the same time if necessary.


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