Final Figures

No pictures in this post – just the final figures.  Here are the financial details of the trip.

I will begin with the easiest figure – the grand total for 2 adults for 7 nights and 7 days was $4,160.17

This is how it was broken up.

Airfares $     1,538.80
Accommodation $     1,029.08
Insurance $        141.75
Transport $        162.87
Food/Drink $        522.04
Sightseeing/Tours/Events $        332.09
Souvenirs/Gifts $          36.45
Other spending $         397.09

It is interesting to compare the ratios with our UK trip from 2014.  You can see the details here.  Since this was only for a week the airfares were the biggest single cost.  Our accommodation included breakfast provided each day and our room serviced.

Transport was taxi and train fares.

Food and drinks included everything that we ate or drank while out and about and the groceries we purchased.

Sightseeing etc was made up of admission costs, guided tour and cruise.

As with previous trips we did not feel the need for souvenirs, however, we capitulated and bought the photo from the Night Zoo and I have also included Oh Siew May’s book in this category.

The final category of ‘Other’ included a pack of Band Aids, a couple of pieces of fabric, a dress and 2 pairs of socks for myself as well as a new umbrella for both GMan and I.  All of these would have been bought regardless of whether we were on holidays or not.

I had set myself the relatively generous budget of $5,000 so we easily came in under budget for our one week jaunt to Singapore.

This is the final post until we begin planning our 2016 trip to the east coast of Canada in earnest.
In the meantime you can keep track of my slightly more mundane life on my other blog, Organised Castle.
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One thought on “Final Figures

  1. selina

    just finished reading your holiday, what a lovely time you both had, you must feel quite refreshed now
    the photos were stunning
    thanx for sharing

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