Challenging Changi & A Coincidence

On our last day in Singapore we joined a guided tour of Changi.  The name is synonymous with the fall of Singapore during WWII and the subsequent occupation by the Japanese forces.

The coincidence is that the very day on which we undertook this tour was the 70th anniversary of VP (Victory Pacific) Day which signals the surrender of the Japanese Imperial Army and the liberation of Singapore.

It was clear from our guide that there are many areas which are off-limits to eyes and cameras so I have very few photographs.

The guide was very knowledgeable but also sensitive to the content and the stories he told were harrowing to hear so it is difficult to begin to imagine what those who were there actually there went through.

There is an excellent museum with this replica of the types of chapels that existed during the occupation.

020On the altar of this chapel stands a cross which was fashioned from a bullet casing by one of the prisoners.

017Finally, a plaque by the beach to remember the Chinese civilians who were executed at the water’s edge.  This is a stark reminder that is was not only Australian and British forces who suffered at the hands of the Japanese.

001 - CopyA sobering reminder as we prepared to complete our week-long visit to Singapore.


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