Finishing Touches

The plans for our Singapore trip are almost complete.  Today we met with the housesitters and showed them around.  GMan has loaded some Singapore dollars onto our Cash Passport.

All that is left to do is to buy some cash to take with us and check out what the best Sim card is for our phone.  I expect that we will buy that once we arrive.

In 6 weeks time this is where you may find me.

2015-07-27 01

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4 thoughts on “Finishing Touches

  1. A gin sling anyone. If you have time I am sure you would love the orchids in the Botanical Gardens although they have that big indoor garden now.

  2. The Botancal Gardens is one of the things on our agenda. A gin sling……..who knows?

  3. Sadly I got food poisoning at Raffles. Not good memories of that! Everything else however was brilliant. Enjoy!

  4. Not good news about the food poisoning. 😦 Maybe I’ll just people watch at Raffles.

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