Houseitters & Looking Ahead

In preparation for our September trip, I have been looking for someone to house-sit while we are away.  I have used this site previously with excellent results so decided to do it again.

Because we are only looking for someone for 8 days it has not generated a huge amount of interest but we have had a few enquiries and I am sure we will find someone suitable.

The only other things I am doing of note for our Singapore trip is to make a couple of skirts and tops that will be suitable for the hot weather.

We are also looking ahead to 2016 as we are hoping to make another 6 week trip – this time to the USA and Canada.  The dates are still very fluid at this stage but it will be sometime between June and September 2016.  There are decisions to be made so that we at least know where we want to arrive and leave from so that we are ready to book our airfares and take advantage of the earlybird specials when they are released.

2015-04-16 01

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2 thoughts on “Houseitters & Looking Ahead

  1. I’d love to be a house sitter and travel around Australia on a whim. Never heard of that site before. Thanks for the link.

  2. Love the idea of house sitters. Once we have completed (well, nearly) renos I will be investigating further.

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