Singapore Sling

It is a new year and we have started planning our next adventure.  This time we are off to Singapore for a week in September.

SA 2015-01-11 01
When we were planning our UK trip, many people asked if we were having a stopover in Hong Kong or Singapore.  We have never been to either place but we did not feel that a flying visit of 24 – 48 hours would do it justice and also our time was limited to 6 weeks and we wanted to spend it seeing as much as possible of the UK and Ireland.  So we decided to leave Singapore and Hong Kong for another time.

We have already agreed that we will take a major overseas trip every 2 years and we are hoping to make it to the east coast of Canada next year (2016).  Meanwhile, we could afford (both in terms of time and money) to take a week this year and a visit to Singapore seemed the perfect solution.

The airfares are booked – $1,538.00 return for the two of us and I am currently looking at accommodation options.

SA 2015-01-11 02
I would love any personal recommendations or ideas regarding transport, sightseeing or general hints and tips.

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