Crunching the Numbers

As promised in my last post, here are the financial details of the trip.

I will begin with the easiest figure – the grand total for 2 adults for 40 nights and 41 days was $18,157.76

This is how it was broken up.

Airfares $     3,960.00
Accommodation $     5,461.00
Insurance $         490.00
Transport $     3,939.18
Food/Drink $     2,280.65
Sightseeing/Tours/Events $     1,740.15
Souvenirs/Gifts $         137.26
Other spending $         149.52

It is interesting to see where the money went.  Accommodation was the biggest single cost.  We paid an average $140.00 AUD/night and most included breakfast or breakfast provisions.

Transport was trains, ferries, car hire, fuel and parking fees.

Food and drinks included everything that we ate or drank from restaurant meals, drinks at the pub, groceries to an occasional ice-cream or cup of coffee.

Sightseeing etc was made up of admission costs, guided tours, cruises and two shows.

We made a conscious decision to spend very little on souvenirs as we did not need ‘stuff’ to remind ourselves of what a great time we had.  The Duke bought a pair of socks from Portmeirion.  I bought 2 teatowels and a postcard which I intend to get framed.  The remainder was something for each of our daughters and our two grand daughters.

The final category of ‘Other’ was a couple of things from the chemist, 2 birthday presents, some hooks for hanging clothes hangers on the clothesline, a shirt and shoes for me and a haircut for The Duke.  All of these would have been bought regardless of whether we were on holidays or not.

We began planning for this trip about 14 months ago.  The first thing we did was to book our flights which was about this time last year.  The majority of our accommodation was booked through AirBnB which requires up-front payment.  About 3 – 4 months before our departure we booked tickets to 2 shows, most of our train fares, ferries to and from Ireland and the hire cars.  All of this except the hire car in Ireland was paid for at the time of booking. This meant that we had pre-paid at total of $10,905.24 before we set out.

Our total budget was $20,000.00 for everything and although we kept very accurate records of what we spent we did not keep an exact running total.  It was not until today when I sat down and gathered up all of the information, converted our spending into AUD and completed the final spreadsheet that we knew exactly how much we spent.

It is gratifying to know that we came in almost $2,000.00 under our allowed budget.  This also gives me confidence in my calculations for planning future trips.

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