Detour to Devon

Although we were staying in Cornwall, we drove north into Devon to see two areas that had been particularly recommended.

The first was Clovelly, a small village on the Devon coast.  I really thought that it would not be that much different from others we had seen, such as Boscastle and Port Isaac.  How wrong I was!

I was surprised to find that it is a tourist attraction with an admission applicable and the whole village is privately owned and has been since the 13th century.  The main street is cobbled and so steep that there is no vehicular traffic.  Apparently, any goods are moved on sledges pulled by donkeys.

Here are a couple of views of the main street – I would call it a pathway – which descends 120 metres to the harbour.

31 a blog

31 b blogYou can see how steep it is when you look back up from the harbour.

31 c blog
The village was also the home of Charles Kingsley for a time during his childhood and he returned several times as an adult.  It provided the inspiration for his novel, “The Water Babies”.

For a complete change of scenery we headed south-east towards Dartmoor National Park.  It is quite different to National Parks that we are familiar with in Australia as there are villages and farms within the park boundaries and grazing even on the most remote parts of the moor.  There are also military training areas within the park.  Nevertheless, the top of the moors offered some amazing views and I would love to be able to spend more time in the area.

32 c blog
Most of the grazing animals were sheep but we did see these very docile Highland cattle.

32 a blogAnd a couple of Dartmoor ponies.

32 b blog

What a contrast between the quaint fishing village of Clovelly and the wild, windswept moorland of Dartmoor – and we saw both in one day.


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3 thoughts on “Detour to Devon

  1. Hello Fairy and Duke
    I’ve so loved reading your posts and must apologise for not leaving any comments:( I thought I will write them later but then of course I got side tracked. It’s been amazing reading your adventures and your posts have brought back many memories of so many wonderful places that I have visited over the years. My family live in Glossop (where I believe you had lunch) I’ve been re-reading your visit to London and have made notes on some of the great tips you wrote. We are off to visit my family at Christmas and will spend a few days in Yorkshire and 3 days in London♥ We spent many wonderful family holidays in Cornwall back in the 70’s. I’m sure this was a trip of a lifetime, leaving you with so many wonderful memories to treasure. Thanks for so many amazing posts. Linda xx (Gold Coast)

  2. Carol

    Your trip to Clovelly brought back many childhood memories of holidays. We went there and I so remember that hill. One thing I don’t remember is having to pay an entrance fee to visit. My mum bough a little silver donkey to go on her charm bracelet that I id now my daughters.
    Thank you for sharing your trip with us.

  3. Pat and Tom

    I have climbed High Tor on Dartmoor, and loved the ponies. My daughter-in-law’s family live in Exeter, Devon, and walk Dartmoor to High Tor every Boxing day!

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