Oxford Blue

The final place we wanted to visit while we were based in Wiltshire was Oxford.  Once again, we were warned about the traffic but catching a train from Warminster was not an option as it would have been rather expensive, taken too long and involved a couple of changes.

After a bit of research we decided to drive to the Park’n’Ride on the outskirts of town and catch the bus.  This worked well and we were convinced of the wisdom of our decision as we sat on the top deck of the bus and watched the driver negotiate narrow streets and heavy traffic.

Once we alighted from the bus we headed directly to a shop which The Duke had located online.  We bought an Oxford University ‘hoodie’ for a friend at her request and I succumbed and bought a t-shirt each for Miss O and Izz.

There were no specific attractions to which we were headed so it was simply a matter of wandering and enjoying the sights.

28 a blogThere were many and varied styles of architecture throughout the university precinct.

28 b blog
The Hertford Bridge across New College Lane is nicknamed ‘Bridge of Sighs’ due to its supposed similarity to the bridge of the same name in Venice.  Naturally, I had to take a photo of The Duke in front of it as there is a song of the same name by the Robin Trower band.  (If you were at the recent birthday celebrations this may be familiar!)

28 c blog
No university would be complete without an (in)famous watering-hole.

When we were ready to sit and eat our packed lunch we found a green space with seats which happened to be in front of the Oxford University Museum of Natural History.  We had some entertainment as well by watching the 6 – 7 year olds on a school excursion who were also having their lunch.  Once the eating was finished, they proceeded to run back and forth across the lawn following the dinosaur ‘footprints’ which had been set into the grass.  I think the teachers were quite happy for them to run off some of their excess energy!

Oxford is not all about the university.  Here is a view of part of a street in the town.  The ‘Opium Den’ on the extreme right is a Chinese restaurant.

28 d blog
We found and strolled through the Covered Market, home to over 50 independent retailers and in existence the 1770’s.

28 e blog
The Duke also enjoyed seeing and recognising the names of streets which he has encountered in various novels set in Oxford.

We had a fun day soaking up the atmosphere of Oxford and all it has to offer.


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