Beautiful Bath

We decided to catch the train to Bath for two reasons.  Everyone had told us how terrible the traffic could be getting into the town and The Duke had done quite a bit of driving the previous day when we made the trek to Stratford-upon-Avon.  It was an easy matter to park the car at the railway station at Warminster and take a 30 minute ride on the train.  We stepped out of the station and were a mere couple of blocks walk from the tourist information centre and the entrance to the Roman Baths.

The baths are definitely the star attraction here so this was where we headed.  You can purchase a combined ticket to the baths and the Fashion Museum, however, we decided against that as The Duke was not particularly keen and we had already seen quite an extensive display of historical fashion in the museum in Dublin.

27 c blog
We were blessed with beautiful weather as you can see from the reflection in the Great Bath.  We followed the audio guide tour and we able to see and understand many of the ruins and artifacts which have been recovered and are sensitively displayed.

27 a blog
This is a reconstruction of part of the pediment of the temple which was adjacent to the baths.

27 b blog
A gilt-plated head of the Goddess Minerva to whom the temple was dedicated has also been recovered and is displayed.

After a couple of hours immersed in Roman history we walked a bit further until we reached ‘The Circus’ and ‘Royal Crescent’ which are two well-preserved streets of Georgian architecture.

27 d blog
This is just one small section of the four quadrants of townhouses which surround the central park with its mature plane trees providing a shady haven.

A short distance away is Royal Crescent which includes No. 1 which  is restored to its 17th century splendour and open to the public.  There were no photographs allowed inside but this was the view from the 3rd storey window.  You can see the curve of the building as well as the private lawn which was designed for the exclusive use of the residents of the crescent and appears to remain the same way today.

27 e blog
For a complete change of pace we took a cruise on the river from Pulteney Bridge to Bathampton.

27 f blog
This is the pretty bridge and weir at Bathampton where we turned and headed back downstream.

27 g blog

When I saw these small dinghies pulled up beside a tiny wooden jetty I fully expected to see Ratty and Toad pop out from under the bushes!


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