An Irish Farewell

On our last full day in Ireland we drove from Kinsale to Rosslare where we would be catching the ferry the following morning.  We were keen to spend some time in Cobh (pronounced ‘Cove’) which is the port for Cork.

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It is a busy port, just as it was 100 years ago when the ‘Titanic’ departed on its fateful voyage.

Cobh was also a major departure point for thousands of Irish emigrants during and after the Great Famine.  Annie Moore was the first person to be processed at the new Ellis Island emigration centre in the United States when she arrived on 1st January 1892 with her 2 younger brothers.  This statue near the pier commemorates that event.

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The stately cathedral overlooks the waterfront town and here is the view from Bishop’s House which is located on the next hill.

22 15 blogThe steep hills which run down to the water are also home to some less elaborate buildings.

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We left  Cobh with its streets crowded by the passengers from the cruise liner which was in port.  Heading north-east along the coast we came upon the tiny village of Ardmore where we stopped for lunch in the local cafe.

I did a double-take as we drove into the main street when I saw this woman leaning over the half door.

22 18 blog
I realised that murals had been painted on the boarded-up windows and door of this cottage so we made a point of going back to take this photo.

There were a couple of other buildings which were similarly adorned as we drove out of the town.

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