Across the Irish Sea

Although there were not huge distances involved, it took us all day to get from Porthmadog, where we had been staying, in Wales to our next destination which was Dublin.

First, we drove to Caernarfon to drop off the car.  The drop off point was about 2.5km from the bus stop so one of the staff kindly offered to drop us off.  I innocently asked if you can see Caernarfon Castle from the town (you cannot) so he volunteered to drive us past the castle and we also were treated to a 5 minute potted history.

We then caught a bus from Caernarfon to Bangor and finally a train to the ferry terminal at Holyhead.  After leaving Bangor and crossing the Menai Strait to Anglesey we stopped at this railway station.

I knew there was a place in Wales with a long name (58 characters, I think) but had no idea where it was and I had certainly not gone out of my way to find it.  So, imagine my surprise when I looked up and saw this sign directly outside the window where we were sitting.  I quickly grabbed my camera to take the photo and apologise for the poor quality.

The train terminates at Holyhead and it is a simple matter to walk to the end of the platform and into the ferry terminal.

I was really pleased that I had paid extra for a cabin even though the crossing is only about 3.5 hours.  It meant that we had a private space and this was particularly welcome as the ferry was full because the two ‘fast’ catamaran crossings had been cancelled due to the rough weather and passengers rescheduled on the ferry.  At this point, I was very glad that I had bought and taken my medication to prevent seasickness as I am not a good sailor!  However, the weather had moderated since the morning, the crossing was relatively smooth and I was not sick.

We were able to have a nap and arrive refreshed.
The weather was fine and the sun breaking through the clouds made an attractive scene as we approached the harbour.

Before long we had a view of the port.

Once we had disembarked we caught a taxi to our accommodation and after a good night’s sleep we were ready to start the Irish leg of our adventure.

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