Changing Countries

In Australia we tend to think nothing of driving long distances and of course it can be more than a hundred kilometres between towns.

England is quite a different story with villages often only 5 miles apart, narrow roads and much higher volumes of traffic.

Because of the places we wanted to visit we ended up with one day of a substantial drive.  We drove from Thirsk in north Yorkshire to Porthmadog in Wales.  It took about 8 hours which included a break of about an hour for lunch.  We could have covered the distance much more quickly if we had sped along the motorways, however, we chose to avoid them and stick to lesser roads, and in some cases, thoroughfares that were little more than a country lane.

We enjoyed seeing place names that we were familiar with such as Macclesfield, Ashbourne and Glossop which was where we had lunch.  We drove through another small town called Holmfirth about 25 km south-west of Leeds.  We know that this is the general vicinity of where some of The Duke’s ancestors came from so it was interesting to see it.

13 a blog

This is view as we climbed the hills above Holmfirth.

Once we were approaching Chester we made our way onto the North Wales expressway which took us along the coast until we turned off at Conwy and headed south through Snowdonia National Park.

Unfortunately, by this time the weather was not terribly favourable and most of the mountain peaks of Snowdonia were shrouded in low cloud.  I did take this photo of some of the landscape.

13 b blog

We came to Porthmadog for a very specific reason – The Duke wanted to visit nearby Portmeirion.

This post is almost devoid of photos, however, I will make up for that with the next post from Portmeirion.


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One thought on “Changing Countries

  1. Carol

    We’re just back from our holidays so just catching up with yours. A few years ago we went camping near Holmfirth and visited the village there. It’s lovely. It’s also where they filmed a series called “Heartbeat” set in the 1950s/60s. Not sure if it was ever shown on your TV but you might find it on youtube. Loving the tour round Ireland a place I would love to visit sometime.

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