The Iron Road to The Isles

The prime reason for coming to Fort William was to take the steam train trip from Fort William to Mallaig and back.  Before there was a bridge, this was the link to the ferry which departs from Mallaig to the Isle of Skye.

The steam train has gained a degree of notoriety as the Hogwart’s Express in the Harry Potter movies although the train trip is definitely not Harry Potter-themed in any way.

The train at Fort William.

04 b blog
Ready to go.

04 a blog
A stop at Glenfinnan Station.

04 c blog
Lots of spectacular scenery.  Some in sunshine.

04 d blog
Some not.

04 h blog
An old church which has also been used in movies.  I wonder why?

04 g blog

The village of Mallaig viewed from the wharf.

04 e blog
The harbour at Mallaig.

04 f blog
We had a couple of hours to wander around Mallaig at our leisure and then it was time for the return trip.

This time we were in the last carriage so I was able to take this shot of the train crossing the Glenfinnan Viaduct which was used in scenes from Harry Potter.

04 i blog

And one final look back at the viaduct as we headed back to Fort William.

04 j blog

I hope you have enjoyed the ride.

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