Next Stop – Scotland

At the end of my last post I mentioned that we boarded the overnight sleeper train to Scotland.  I was so busy getting on and off the train that I forgot to take a photo of it but thanks to the wonders of the internet, here is one I found.

Caledonian sleeper

We settled into our tiny sleeping compartment with bunk beds and departed at 9.15pm.

Our cabin had a sink and plenty of hot water so we managed a sponge bath in the morning and felt refreshed and ready to start the day.

I had the first casualty of my attire as one pair of shoes that I brought gave up.

The shoes are 6 years old and I knew that they were on their last legs so my plan was to wear them during this trip and toss them in the bin before we came home.  They ended up in the bin in our cabin!  I have 2 other pairs of shoes.

Thanks to the long days we had plenty of time to see the scenery as we travelled north through Scotland before arriving in Fort William at 10am.

I thought this ‘train’ on a station platform was gorgeous.

02 01 blog

I discovered that this decoration was a recurring theme at many of the small stations in the area.

02 12 blog

Despite the overcast conditions and intermittent drizzle the scenery was stunning and it is difficult to do it justice with a photograph.

Fort William is located by the banks of Loch Linnhe.  The train station and town centre are alongside the loch and the streets zig-zag up the steep slope.  It was quite a hike to our accommodation but thanks to small suitcases on wheels we managed OK.

We were rewarded with spectacular views when we got to the top.

03 03 blog

After dropping off our luggage it was time to head back down the hill again.

03 02 blogWe had a look around the town.

03 01 blog
The building to the left of the turret is the Alexandra Hotel were we had dinner that night.

We knew we were really in Scotland………

03 09 blog
This young girl was piping in the square at the end of the main street.  I spoke to her and discovered that she does this most days to raise the funds to go to university.

A view along the loch.

03 05 blog

And back to the station for a steam train trip to Mallaig.  I will make that a separate post as this one already has enough photos.


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