London – Day 2

It is several days since I wrote my last post so a bit of catching up to do.  I will rewind to where we left off in the previous post.

On our second full day in London we started once again at Paddington Station to buy our rail tickets for the day.  As it was Monday morning we felt the full force of weekday crowds.

As an aside I can definitely recommend making a Sunday your first day in London as it eases you gently into this very busy city.

We took the tube directly to St Paul’s where we planned to start our day.  This was our first glimpse of the cathedral.

060 blog
The interior of the cathedral is amazing, however, there is no photography allowed so we have committed it to memory.

There are over 500 steps to climb to reach the top of the dome and we really wanted to do this so had been training for it by regularly climbing numerous flights of stairs during our lunch breaks over the past few weeks.

After a guided tour of the cathedral we set out on the climb to the top.  We made it and were rewarded with 360 degree views of London.  Here you can see the Millenium Bridge and Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.

072 blog
After the cathedral we walked down Fleet Street, past the Old Bailey (Central Criminal Courts),

075 blog

visited Dr Johnson’s House

079 blog

had lunch at Ye Old Cheshire Cheese,

086 blog
walked through Leadenhall Market,

095 blog
and saw the Monument to The Great Fire of London.

097 blog
By this stage my feet had just about had enough and there was a big black cloud threatening to drench us so we made a dive for the nearest tube station and headed for home.

We stopped at a local supermarket on the way and picked up some meat and vegetables to prepare for dinner.

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One thought on “London – Day 2

  1. Valerie

    The Old Bailey is where Mary Boucher learned her fate – initially death but some months later changed to life in NSW.

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