Finding Our Way

Only 22 days before we leave, so the weekly countdown is becoming irrelevant.  A friend has lent us a large soft-cover atlas of the UK and Ireland.  I have decided to scan the maps that we are likely to use and sort them into a folder.  I will keep 2 copies – one on the netbook that we are taking as well as one on the USB drive.


I have scanned about 10 pages so far and tested out my plan and it appears to work well.  You can zoom in for minute details as well as looking at the broader picture.  We will have access to Google Maps via our smartphone, however, I think it makes sense to have an option which is not dependent  on an internet connection.

The Duke has organised foreign currency – some cash and some on a card.  We calculated our requirements and are confident that we have everything sorted in that respect.

There are still a few relatively minor things on the ‘To Do’ list.

Buy noise-cancelling headphones
Send copies of itinerary to family
Print 2-for-1 vouchers

I am sure there are others and I will add as I think of them but it is mostly about going to work and keeping the day-to-day routine going here at home until it is time to leave.

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