Packing – A Trial Run

It is now 12 weeks until we leave on our trip.  I have bought my case and have the clothes I plan to take so it was time for a trial of the packing.

My list of clothes and footwear for 6 weeks in the UK in August/September:

2 pairs of travel pants ( can zip off to shorts if required) – charcoal grey
1 pair jeans (the are NYDJ and not bulky) – dark denim
3 fitted tops (cap sleeve) – red/blue/black
3 fitted tops (3/4 sleeve) – red/white stripe and black/white stripe
1 rugby top – navy stripe
1 polar fleece jacket – red
1 vest – red
1 spray jacket – red
1 fine wool jumper – black
1 pashmina/wrap – jade green
2 pairs shoes (squashable) – red and bronze
1 pair lightweight walking shoes – red
2 pairs socks
2 camisoles
1 pair boxer shorts
3 bras
4 pairs knickers
1 thermal top

This is what I will pack in the case.

Clothes to pack
In addition, I will wear/carry these on the plane.

Clothes to wear
Here is everything packed in the case.

Case packed
The top half of the case is empty and the total weight is 6.5kg

I will pack a few other things includings:

Travel clothesline
Microfibre towel

It is unlikely that I will actually take it as cabin baggage.  My main interest was in being able to take one small case that is easy to manouvre on trains, ferry etc when we are travelling.

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2 thoughts on “Packing – A Trial Run

  1. Cath R.

    List looks great. I would only mention – a cap or hat if it gets really sunny or a beanie if it gets windy or you are up a mountain. And swimmers in case one of the places you stay has a pool or heated spa or springs? I took more socks when I went as often they did not dry overnight being thick walking socks. We also took a pack of zip lock sandwich bags, and a set of travel cutlery each, a camping bowl each and a cup. I should have taken a travel clothesline! I took an extra set of camera batteries as they were hard to find (lithium) and should have taken 2 sets.

  2. Cath, You make some very valid points. Since we are going in summer I have decided against a beanie. If it is really cool I will wear the pashmina wrapped around my head and neck and covered by the hood on my spray jacket. I may add a squashable hat or just see how the weather is and buy one if required. Swimmers…….maybe. I will check the accommodation facilities again but since we are staying in B&B’s/private homes I do not think we will come across too many pools etc. The socks I take are old, thin woollen ones that wash and dry quite quickly. I am also planning to ditch the walking shoes (and possibly the socks) before we return home. I am confident that 2 pairs will be enough. We will be taking a plastic bowl and plate, cutlery as well as a couple of silk carry bags for grocery shopping. Most of the places we are staying are self-catering.

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