Day 1 & What We Forgot

Although we left home yesterday, we spent last night visiting my mother in Brisbane so today was the first real day of our travels.

On the road
The vehicle in the photo is not ours.  We are driving a medium sedan and not towing a caravan.  We drove from Brisbane to Tamworth today and broke the trip up with a stop to see friends in Warwick for morning tea and then a late lunch near Glen Innes.  There were patches of blue sky but also lots of grey cloud and some showers of rain.  The country through the southern Darling Downs and New England tablelands is looking beautiful with new growth everywhere from the recent rains.

New England scenery

Australia does not have high mountains by world standards but the area known as the New England tablelands is a large area of an elevation higher than 1000m.  It is now officially autumn (fall) here and we caught a glimpse of some early changes in foliage.  This is at the roundabout near Armidale.

Autumn foliage near Armidale

We stopped at the lookout on the Moonbi Range for a great view of the valley and plains looking south-west towards Tamworth, our destination for the first night.

View from Moonbi Range lookout

Finally, what did we forget to pack?

Drink bottles
Sweet potatoes

I cannot believe that I completely overlooked the hats and drink bottles.  The Duke and I both thought the other one had packed the coffee which is stored in the fridge.  I had several sweet potatoes which I intended to put in the box of groceries as we will be self-catering for a large part of the trip.  The Duke has bought another pack of coffee, the sweet potatoes will be used when we get home and we will probably buy at least one drink bottle.  I am reserving judgement on the need for hats until I see what the weather is like on any given day.

We will be away for a little over 2 weeks and we expect to encounter weather ranging from cool to hot and have catered for occasions which include bushwalking, a wedding and everything in between.  Because we are driving we do not have strict weight or size limits.  I do not think I will find anything else that we have not packed.

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2 thoughts on “Day 1 & What We Forgot

  1. Susan

    We always keep hats and umbrellas in the car. 😉

  2. Ah forgetting things – I’ve often almost forgot underwear! I often forget a hair brush or a toothbrush. And thongs – cause I stay in hostels and the like. Never forgotten sweet potatoes though 😉 Actually never been needed on my sorts of trips!

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