A Final Word

Our internet access was a bit hit and miss for the last couple of days of the holiday so the blog fell a little by the wayside.  Never mind, we are now home and I just wanted to tidy up a few loose ends before this blog goes into hibernation until our next holiday.  I am not sure when or where that will be.

We arrived back in Australia at 5.15am today after about 20 hours of travel.  We flew from Washington DC to Dallas and then from Dallas to Brisbane which was a 15.5 hour flight.  The first flight was delayed by almost an hour which meant we were cutting it very fine to catch our international flight.  I did a couple of quick sprints through Dallas airport (probably the most running I have done since I left school).  Unfortunately, our luggage did not end up on the same flight so we had to complete the paperwork in Brisbane and our suitcases should be delivered to our home tomorrow.

During the trip I tracked all of our spending and although I have a few figures to finalise I can report that our budget ended up looking like this.

Daily spending (included entertainment, transport,groceries, eating out, souvenirs) was $110/day.

We had paid for our airfares, accommodation and train travel beforehand and when I added this in and averaged it to a per day cost it became $400/day.

I have not included money that I spent on gifts (birthday and Christmas) as these would have been bought whether we were at home or overseas.  In fact, the items I bought were because they were unique and/or a very good price.  I did not include clothes which we bought for ourselves as this had been planned.  We had deliberately avoided buying clothes/shoes in the previous 12 months with the direct aim of buying these items overseas.

The only souvenirs we bought were a book on the Civil War that The Duke purchased and a souvenir photo from our cruise around Manhattan Island.

We thoroughly enjoyed our trip and I hope you have had fun reading about it.

Till our next trip it is au revoir for now.

You can follow my more mundane life on my other 2 blogs – Organised Castle and Eating For Health.  I hope to update these soon.

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4 thoughts on “A Final Word

  1. Vicki Degenhart

    Glad you are back safe and sound. It sounds a sthough you have had an amazing trip.

  2. SarahN

    Thanks for sharing the financials, always such a constant question for travellers… somehow, I always seem to stay within my budget, so I ‘wing’ it more now than previously!

  3. Christine

    Welcome home I enjoyed following you on your amazing holiday .
    I too want to thank you for sharing the financials of your trip

  4. Pat and Tom

    Welcome back. I was interested to read your final daily financial figure. We just booked a 14 day cruise of NZ and this gives me an idea what to expect.

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