Covered Bridge Crawl

I was very keen to see some of the old covered bridges on this trip.  We have taken some circuitous routes to find some – The Duke would possibly tell you that I have led him up the garden path on more than one occasion in our quest.  The results have been amazing.

This one is not in current use.

From the inside.  Once you step inside these bridges it is eerily quiet – takes you back to another century.

On a laneway to a couple of farms.  I scrambled down the riverbank to get this photo.

Still being used so you need to keep an eye out for oncoming traffic (not that there is much on these roads).This was washed off the pylons in 1927 flood and recovered downstream and put back by the local residents.

The bridges are all unique – both from the outside and the internal structure.  The lattice bracing on this one is quite different.  Note the new timber in the roof – hopefully this means it will survive the ravages of time a little longer yet.

Some have no ‘windows’ and others are of varying shapes.  Here is a view of the river from a bridge ‘window’.

Unfortunately, several covered bridges were destroyed during Hurricane Irene last year but many are still standing but you do need to go searching for them.  It has been great fun finding them tucked into remote spots of countryside.

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One thought on “Covered Bridge Crawl

  1. kezp

    Aren’t they gorgeous!

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