Shop Till You Drop

Today we drove from Boston to Cape Elizabeth and one of the things I had firmly on my agenda was to go to the outlet shops at Kittery.  It would be impossible to go to all of them so we simply parked and went into about 10 shops in all.  We had a clear plan of what we were looking for so did not spend too much time wandering aimlessly.

The Duke wanted some new business shirts and ended up buying 6 shirts and 4 ties.  As well as being discount shops there seemed to be sales on everywhere and the shirts were $22 each and the ties about $19 each.

I found 100% merino wool sweaters with 3/4 sleeves so I bought 2 – a purple and a black one for $44 each.

The purple one.

The purple one was bought to wear with this skirt which I already own.  The colours are not true but there is purple in the skirt.

The black sweater will also be suitable to wear with many of my clothes but I am particularly keen to have it to go with this skirt.

I also bought this red sleeveless vest.  It cost $28.  I have a pink one in a similar style and wear it a lot.  It is nice to have some bright colours in a winter wardrobe.

Finally, I found this lightweight, lined navy and white skirt for $25.  It has loose pleats off a waist yoke and side pockets.  It will be great for work in summer with a fresh white top.

It was not all about us either.  I bought these pyjamas for Miss O and Izz.  They were $8 per pair.

Everything was heavily reduced, some by well over 50% and they were all things that we had considered beforehand so definitely some good bargains which will be well used.

We will do some more shopping at other outlets on our travels but that is all of the shopping for the moment.  Tomorrow we intend to explore some of the natural environment and history of the district, including the beaches and lighthouses.

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