Food, Glorious Food

As some of you would be aware from my other blog I have been eating a predominately grain and sugar free diet recently.  This has had a positive benefit on some health issues for me so I decided to maintain this as much as possible while travelling while still enjoying some of the local cuisine.

My other passion is local produce and I had also vowed to avoid processed foods and in particular high fructose corn syrup.

The serves of salads, like everything else, are huge.  We are eating relatively cheaply since this single serve of gourmet salad cost us $9.25 and well and truly fed both of us.  It included lettuce, spinach, mint, basil,goat cheese, tomato, croutons (I tried to avoid most of them) and cranberries with a lemon viniagrette dressing.

Since it is summer and still hot in Washington and Philadelphia, fruit and salads have been appealing.

One night earlier in the week we went to a suburban restaurant and I chose 2 starters, portobello mushrooms with sun-dried tomatoes and feta cheese followed by goat’s cheese and spinach quesadillas.

They were substantial serves for starters so a very filling meal.

Yesterday we arrived in Philadelphia, and after dropping our bags off, we headed straight for the Reading Terminal Market.  I suspect lunchtime on a Friday is one of the busier times and it was packed with shoppers.  This is very similar to the Adelaide Central Market, although there were probably slightly more eateries than in Adelaide.

After all the reading I had done I decided that we would have to try a Philly Cheesesteak.  Verdict:  Once is definitely enough!!

Here is the artery-clogging extravaganza which we chose.  It cost $8.95 for a sub style roll filed with thinly sliced steak which was heavily salted and seasoned along with several slices of melted, sliced processed cheese and fried onions.  This was the most basic version – you could have many and varied extras including bacon, mustard and numerous other delights.  It was cut into 2 halves, each about 6 inches long.  I managed about half of my share and am sure that I will never eat another one – EVER!

We then turned our attention to more healthy pursuits and bought some fresh fruit and vegetables.  We have self-catering accommodation from now on so we will be eating more of our ‘normal’ style of food.  I bought most of the produce from Kaufmann’s stall (Amish from Lancaster County which is an hour or so outside Philadelphia).

We feasted on the punnet of blackberries as we walked home and last night I made stir-fried vegetables for dinner.

This morning I have made salads with hard-boiled eggs for our packed lunches when we go sightseeing.  There is also chopped onion and red pepper for the omelette I am making for breakfast and fresh sliced peaches, also for breakfast.  Dinner will be more stir-fried vegetables.

We are well and truly back on the wagon after our diversion with the Philly Cheesesteak.

Keep reading for more food adventures during our trip.

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2 thoughts on “Food, Glorious Food

  1. Pat and Tom

    Fairy, that made me smile! We had a Philly steak in Melbourne at the Birdman rally during Moomba last year, and yes, it is a hard one to swallow!

  2. Always wondered what the cheesesteak was all about…. Have loads of fun!

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