Washington – Grief & Gardens

We started our day by buying a SmarTrip card for the public transport system then taking a ride on the Metro to our first destination.

To day we went to the one place that has been on my agenda for years – the National Holocaust Museum.  We were there for 5 hours exploring the story of one of the most awful events imaginable – the extermination of 6 million Jews by the Nazis.  Not only in Germany but all across Europe.  It is sensitively told, carefully presented and should never be forgotten.

We also saw the White House, Washington Monument and numerous other buildings around the National Mall precinct.  We admired the parks and gardens and there were lots of flower beds and planter boxes full of colour, despite a long, hot summer.

Finally, the kitchen garden at the White House, aka Michelle’s vegie patch.

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7 thoughts on “Washington – Grief & Gardens

  1. Cath

    Fairy, sounds fantastic. We didnt get there but I had been to Dachau and Auschwitz when I was in Europe. Very sobering, terrible yet peaceful places, hard to explain. Hope tomorrow is wonderful. Take care.

  2. So much to see. Make the most of it.

  3. judith

    All sounds great. Don’t forget the Vietnam Memorial if you have time.

  4. Marg

    Like Cath we went to Dachau when we were in Germany and it was also very sobering. Not what I call an enjoyable experience but very worthwhile. Enjoy!!

  5. Pat and Tom

    I am glad it is all living up to your expectations and that you were able to meet up with your new friend.

  6. SarahN

    I have been to both the Holocaust Museum in Washington, and Auschwitz (but not Dauchau, but I have been to Sachenhausen). The Washingston museum is very very well done. Actually, perversely wherever I travel I visit Holocuast museums (or jewish museums). Sadly, I forgot in Israel, so I’ll just have to go back. I’m not sure why, but it interests me to know about this horrible part of life.

    • I think it is important that we all know and understand earlier atrocities and most importantly never forget.

      I have also been to the A-Bomb memorial in Hiroshima.

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